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The Mota Chips facility spreads across 12,000 sq. ft. with an employee strength of 100 members, which includes a distinct production and sales team. What was once made manually on a furnace, is now prepared in a state-of-the-art automatic plant.

Before any of our products reaches you, it is scrutinised by our various teams. Take a look, at how our family at Mota Chips functions, to give you the best of savoury treats.

Quality Control Team

Our Quality Control (QC) team makes sure that the quality of both the raw material and the finished product are consistently top-notch. Research and development is a constant process with the help of our think tank and QC team.

They contribute a lion’s share in building new products and various tongue-tickling flavours.

Packaging Team

Equipped with FFS (Form, Fill, and Seal) machines, our packaging team boasts of an unmatched speed and accuracy. In addition, every packet of Mota Chips is passed through a metal detector to ensure zero foreign materials.

Sales Team

This dynamic and dedicated team ensures prompt and consistent service with the added warmth of a human touch. Our sales personnel conduct periodic visits to our retailers to optimise the delivery system and ascertain the taste and preference of the end consumer.

To ensure only fresh and crispy products reach our customers, we mindfully control the quantity of product distributed to our retailers. It’s a simple philosophy of efficient stock keeping.